Spiritual Health for 2021

This article will appeared in The Sheridan Press as a part of a series on health in 2021. https://www.thesheridanpress.com/special/page-health-and-fitness-2021-7/page_47a70f7b-fc69-5804-b2c3-cb29e1f7c50b.html What comes to mind when you think of spiritual health?  As with physical health, we tend to think of inward activities – prayer, meditation, devotion, and the like. We would do well to prioritize these inward-focused… Read More Spiritual Health for 2021


Everywhere we look, everything is calling for action. With so many pressing issues (real and perceived), we are pressured for better or worse to react or respond to everything. Many issues are legitimate. Many injustices need correction. Many needs require a generous response. Many crises require a strategic reaction. And that is good. Conversely, there… Read More Today.